In the last practice session of the weekend Sik Mic came into the rock garden, paused to hype up the crowd and then kept on his merry (& fast) way! Here he keeps low over the woops!

Cairns Day 5: Finals

Well by now you no doubt no the results and ins and outs of a lot of what happened at an epic World Champs race in Cairns so let us take you on a bit of a journey on how we saw things, buckle up and enjoy! After the morning practice and junior finals we [...]

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Cairns – Day 5: Finals Quick Results

A quick update from Cairns with more to come! Done and dusted, your 2017 World Championships have been decided in the jungle of far North Queensland. The day started off early with the junior classes as always, with Melanie Chappaz from France the fastest female. In the junior men Matt Walker from Great Britain goes [...]

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Cairns – Day 4: Practice

Day 4 here in Cairns and today was a day of practice, the last full day before race day tomorrow. The track has started to blow out and the dry conditions mean there are holes hiding everywhere – you only have to look at Rachel Atherton to see this, yesterday she got caught up coming [...]

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Along with the women at the same time...

Cairns – Day 3: Seeding & Timed Practice

Today the action wound up a notch with seeding runs for the juniors and timed practice for the elite riders, our first chance to get some idea of everyone’s speed… Of course some riders crashed, some took it easy, etc, etc. but overall it was a good indication. In the junior women it was Shania [...]

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Cairns – Day 2: Practice

Day 2 here in Cairns and the first day of practice, the riders were all chomping at the bit! The conditions were dry and dusty, a thick layer of dirt was covering everything by the time practice was finished. It was hard to pick the fastest rider as everyone was pushing hard, there a few [...]

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The track is dry and dusty, a typical Aussie layer of dust covers the majority of the track, no issue for some!

Cairns – Day 1: Track Walk & Pit Bits

The World Championships return to Cairns after last being held here in 1996, today we walked the track before heading to the pits and this is what we saw: Join us again after the first day of practice. Thanks to @matt_rousu_photography for supplying some of his images, be sure to check out his Instagram and [...]

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Cairns World Cup 2 – Pick of the Pics

Cairns was one of the best races for some time and so we thought we would dedicate some more screen time to it, have a look at these pictures and reminisce on a great event, enjoy: Instagram: @downhill247 Photos: Jason Stevens Photography and stock images. Facebook:A��or follow @jasonstevensphotography on Instagram

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JB you've done it again...

Cairns World Cup 2 – Finals

We are Australian so we might be a little biased but the Cairns world cup was one of the best we have witnessed in some time! There were some truly amazing highs (as well as a few lows – after all that is racing), the day kicked off with a short practice session in the [...]

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Innes Graham on the hunt...

Cairns World Cup 2 – Qualifying

With the sun shining and the birds chirping (they were mimicking the course marshal’s whistles’) today was qualifying day and what A�a day it was. The track had some noticeable lines starting to appear down the course for riders to take but the rock garden near the top was still catching people out, much like [...]

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He got up and kept charging later in the day though!

Cairns World Cup 2 – Practice

Here we are, Cairns in far North Queensland, for the second round of the UCI World Cup series. Everyone remembers 2014 and the mud bath that was… After a dry track walk everyone was positive. Unfortunately there was some rain that fell during the day that made the rocks super slippery. The track itself hasn’t [...]

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