Fort William – World Cup 2 – Practice

After a few weeks break from Maribor in round 1 we head to the evergreen Fort William.

After a good run for the past few years in Fort William our luck has run out and we find ourselves with the prospect of a wet (understatement) race!

Loving the green, not so much the blue – we are talking about the blue rain coming down!

To be truthful, some water around is good, it helps keep grip levels high. Much the same for the rest of the weekend, the track has had a few holes filled here and there, while some new lines are available in the lower wooded sections. Going on 20 years of races here riders know what they are in for.

Finn Illes taking the rocks up top.
A lot of the water doesn’t hang around on the Fort William track but it still has it moments.
After a fairly average round 1 you bet the Syndicate will come out swinging in round 2!
There are plenty of fast Brits on the scene and you bet they’re all keen to win their ‘home’ round!
By the end of the day there wasn’t much that wasn’t wet…

Qualifying is going down soon, check in for that!

Images: Andy Vathis (Instagram)

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