Mont Sainte Anne – Day 3 – Racing

What is it with Mont Sainte Anne and epic world cups….? No wonder we are always coming back after years of racing here (some trivia for you; MSA is the only venue to have held a world cup or championships since the series inception).

The one and only…

By now you no doubt have a good idea of the results but here are some musings from the day and pictures to boot!

The weather was quite warm and humid but the rains that fell on Thursday could still be seen on the track. This big bog patch was shortly after the Stevie Smith Drop (#longlivechainsaw). It was either go around or truck straight through, most riders seemed to go through.
Riders had a short practice session before racing. Depending on the class, riders could have an early start (juniors) or a bit more of a sleep in (seniors).
For most mechanics the morning was all about getting ready for racing later that day.
It was junior racing early in the day.
There was a lot riding on the outcome for the junior men. Here we see Paddi Butler riding to 4th on his 18th birthday!
Kye A’Hern unfortunately crashed in the last part of his run and finished 12th.
Thibaut Daprela took the win and in doing so wrapped up the junior men’s overall. It would be the first of two for Team Commencal on the day.
Hands up if you are keen for bikes!
It was good to see Graeme Mudd racing a world cup again.
Angel Suarez kept the momentum from his last race going and ended up with his best result to date, a strong 9th.
Jack Moir back and looking comfortable on a bike.
Dean Lucas into 10th, with Jack Moir in 11th and Charlie Harrison in 7th it was a good weekend for the Intense Racing team.
A strong crowd lined the final section of the track.

The sun was coming down and the commentators were giving their best ‘Rob Warner’ commentary.
Most riders carried so much speed they had to seriously scrub this drop into the final jump.
Loris Vergier did it better than most!
Troy Brosnan heading towards the finish…
The final push!
To be honest we thought Troy had done enough…
But there was still Mr Loic!
1st and 2nd, wonder what is being said?
Hugs for the winner!
Troy was still happy with second.
The crowds were pretty happy as well!
Team work makes the dream work! When you find out you are the overall world cup champ!
Nice plate addition : D
Racing has well and truly wrapped up when Wyn gets behind the mic and starts WynTV.

What a day, as we said before that was one of the great MSA races! We have plenty of pics so look out for a gallery at some stage.

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