Maydena Bike Park

820m vertical elevation, 30+ trails with more under construction. Maydena is one of the best MTB locations in the country. Take a look at the park from the few trips that we have made down to Tassie the last few months, through some of my favourite photos.

The views from the top of Maydena are just incredible
Got really lucky with this sunset and lining Jai up in front of it
Jai Motherwell throwing the hands off on one of the bigger jumps on the hill
The majority of the trails are buried deep in rain forest amongst some big ferns
Finding pockets of lightbro amongst the dark forest
A goal of mine was to line up some rad action with that back drop, and this one lined up well
I really like this one for how it shows the size of the trees behind
Shelly Flood getting wild
Not much time to stop and enjoy the view with the large quantity of trails to be had
Baxter – “I reckon Jai and I can nose manual over the rollers at the same time”, 1st run nailed it
Nothing better than amazing trails with your mates
The trails allow for plenty of line choice, Jai taking an inside line and drifting across a roller

I wanted to try and light up the dust on the takeoff and Baxter worked his magic and threw down some style
I rode down before I took this shot and looked back and saw the dust lighting up. Sometimes you just get lucky
How’s the serenity Shelly
I wanted line up the hills and trees in this one, and the sun hitting Baxter help him standout in the dark shadows
Just some good old golden lightbro biggest jumps in Maydena
The idea was for bit of a moody vibe with this one.
I like how this one shows the scale of the jump
Some of the Trail crew enjoying their work
Hitting the pumptrack after a day of riding trails
Connor backing into some corners


The sun lights up Dan and the trees behind
What are you waiting for get down here

Words and images: RFPhotographics (Facebook here or follow on Instagram @rfphotographics).

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