Andorra World Cup 4 – Pick of the Pics

The French march carries on, with French men winning all four of the world cups thus far in 2019. As for the women’s racing that has been more of a Great British affair with Tracey Hannah being the sole non British winner. As we head to Les Gets this weekend it will be interesting to see if this streak continues…

By now you are no doubt aware of what went down in the dry, dusty hills of Andorra. So with that in mind we are doing a recap of images from the talented Andy Vathis for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy:

Three out of Four, Loic Bruni is shaping up to be the man to beat!
Troy Brosnan pushed him all the way, with the top riders being ahead of the trailing pack. What is even more impressive about Troy’s ride was he did it after a fairly significant crash in practice before racing. He was happy to ‘salvage’ the weekend with second! To only Troy would salvage mean a third place, the rest of us would be pumped to see a world cup podium!
Views, epic as always.
Rachel Atherton appears to be back on form.
Tracey Hannah was on pace but a crash late in her run pushed her down the order.
You don’t see the section up top in the live feed and whilst it is not as gnarly as the steep bottom parts it is where the race is won and lost.

We are excited seeing new and different names near the top of the results.
The only other rider to win a men’s downhill world cup this year, Amaury Pierron, came home in 4th.
Loris Vergier was close but had to settle for second.

See you in Les Gets.

Images: Andy Vathis (Instagram)

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