On Trail with Michelle Crisp


With each race I visit, ita��s clear that the world of Womena��s Downhill is constantly opening up and growing. While the sport is still dominated by men, the womena��s classes are gaining momentum, just as the Australian Mountain biking industry is, and amongst the fresh faces is Michelle Crisp and her Norco Aurum 1.


Michelle has been riding and competing since 2009, with some impressive results and an undying passion to go faster, bigger and better. Her riding does the talking, after spending two days on the trails with Michelle it was easy to see her calculated approach to attacking the trail – each line is well thought out, planned and absolutely pinned. Some of her most proud results include 5th in the Canadian Open, 15th in the Garbanzo DH and 14th in AirDH at Crankworx 2012.


Watching Crisp ride, you wouldn’t guess that she has only been back on the bike for a number of months. During her training for the 2012 State Champs, a crash left Michelle with a Grade 5 AC injury, which meant 6 months off the bike. As riders, we all know the frustration and disappointment that injury time represents. Its a wicked double edged sword that has seen the end of racing seasons for amateurs and pros alike – perhaps most notably Sam Hill’s rollercoaster of a 2012 World Cup. Though, just as Sam did, Crisp is back with twice the strength and determination, ready to outdo herself in the rest of the 2013 season, and make a statement with her racing as 2014 approaches.


“I feel as good as I ever have on the bike. I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym, strengthening myself to bounce back from injury and make sure I have the strength to push harder than the competition, and prove myself on the world stage”

Crisp will be racing the remainder of the 2013 RedAss NSW State Series and Champs, and will kick off 2014 with the National Series.

See more photos from Michelle Crisp’s portfolio.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/crispdownhill
Instagram: @crispdownhill

Photos by Jaime Black Photography

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