Inside Info: Team Talk – Part 2

Mitch Delfs at the last World Cup of 2012 in Norway and as we now know, his last World Cup onboard a Kona, for 2013 expect to see Mitch and team mate Luke Strobel on Evil Bikes as their factory team.

After our initial Team Talk article (here), weA�heard a range of other newsA�for 2013 fromA�the industryA�butA�something thatA�we thought was worthy of a seperate post is where Mitch Delfs is heading for 2013.A�For 2013 Evil Bikes will have a factory team, with Mitch Delfs (and Luke Strobel)A�as theirA�World Cups riders. It makes sense to us as Luke has been linked to that move for months (The ‘Team Rumours’ twitter account was correct) and Mitch has always got on well with Luke so their would be good team dynamics. The new Evil bikes look awesome and should ride well, a World Cup factory team should signal a strong return to the scene for the company, after being a little quiet over the past few years for various reasons. Once more information is available we will let you know.A�It is awesome to see Mitch with a strong team for 2013, he is capable of good results, as his 11th place at the Windham World Cup showed and weA�are allA�keen to see him do well this year!

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