Railing turns, there is a great little Instagram edit on Luca/Connor's account of them railing this day.

Inside Info – Luca Shaw

If you have been following the world cups over the past few seasons you will have seen some of the new, young, up and coming riders who are moving up through the ranks. One of these riders is Luca Shaw, who has steadily been notching up some impressive results. Luca hails from the United States [...]

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3D Printed Model Downhill Bike

The future is now… there is some pretty amazing technology and this gives an insight into where the future for downhill bikes is heading. 3D printing is very exciting, parts and whole frames may be something that you can print from home sooner rather than later. How handy will it be to print a replacement [...]

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Crossing the line, with the time board showing green, what every racer strives for!

Inside Info: Connor Fearon – Leogang

As long time supporters of Connor Fearon this has to be one of our favourite Inside Infos ever, without further adieu we hand it over to the man himself; Coming into Leogang I had mixed emotions. The first two world cups this year I had a crash and a flat tyre so was disappointed to [...]

The top half of the track saw riders battling headwinds before having to use even more energy on the lower parts negotiating the 'highway' section.

Inside Info: Connor Fearon – Fort William

Coming off a devastating result at the first World Cup at Lourdes I really wanted to get a good result in Fort William. In the past I’ve done pretty well there and last year I was inside the top 15. Everyone who follows the world cups knows that Fort William is the roughest and longest [...]

We snapped some pictures of the bike at a recent South Australian state race.

Inside Info: Connor Fearon’s Operator

Connor Fearon has been with Kona Bicycles for many years now and over that time he has had some good looking and not to mention fast bikes! What you are looking at here is his current World Cup bike, details are scarce, often what you see riders on are prototype bikes and the technology filters [...]

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Are you looking at the winning bike for the upcoming Fort William World Cup? Quite possibly...

Inside Info: Troy Brosnan’s Demo

Are your eyes glazing over? Is your mouth open and drool running out like a waterfall? If it is already you may just be eating some donuts or you’ve just seen this beast in front of your eyes! If you’re not you will be after casting your eye over Troy Brosnan’s fresh new Specialized Demo [...]

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We have been getting to know Five Ten's latest offering, the Impact VXI, well over the past months. Read on...

Inside Info: Five Ten Impact VXI

We have just finished up our long term testing on A�pair of Five Ten Impact VXIs and we want to share our impressions with you. First off, if you’re new to the sport and haven’t heard of Five Ten then expect to hear a lot more about them, it is fair to say they revolutionised [...]

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"I really just like having fun and riding technical tracks where you're scared if you will make it through a shoot or something where you are not sure if you are good enough to make through."

Inside Info: Remy Morton

Australia has produced some of the best downhill riders in the world and Remy Morton 16, is one of Australia’s up and coming junior stars! Between his travels, signing with a new team and life in general we sat him down and had a chat. Remy is super laid back, down to earth and honest, [...]

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Connor Fearon has been riding this handy little rig over the past few months, we sat him down and asked him a few questions about it!

Inside Info: Connor Fearon’s Process

Enduro bikes are in. We saw it at the first Australian national round late last year and whilst that was mainly due to the track set up there is no denying that enduro type bikes make good downhill bikes in a lot of places! Add to the fact and we can’t all afford to have [...]

Styles for miles...

Inside Info: Darcy Grooby

It seems every riding location around Australia has a local pinner or an up and coming kid who shreds. We had a quick chat with Darcy Grooby, an 18 year old kid who started riding in 2011, as a lot of us do he started on dirt jumps before turning his bike down some trails [...]

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