Round 1 National Series – Awaba

The first round of the MTBA National series is off and running this weekend in Awaba, our squeeze KaneoPhoto is there snapping and has provided us with some of the highlights thus far. The temperature is just as hot, if not hotter, than the riding! Temperatures are pushing up over 40 degrees, enjoy some pics [...]

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Sam Hill smashing out runs in the arvo, and looking fast by the end of the day.

Bright – Australian National Champs Day 1/2

Back in beautiful Bright for the Australian MTB National Champs. Thursday saw sunny sky’s and warm weather for Track walk. With the weather turning the complete opposite for day 1 of practice on Friday. Rain fell for all morning and early afternoon leaving the track wet and slippery especially on the roots in the forrest. [...]

Cabbage patch kept riders on their toes; a high-speed, high-commitment section featuring a double drop - littered with cabbage sized rocks as the name suggests.

Mt Taylor – Australian Nationals Round 1

Last weekend saw the first round of the 2015/16 National Series, held at Mt Taylor in Eastern Victoria. As the official beginning of the season, this round would set the precedent for the growing Nationals campaign by Mountain Bike Australia. With the annual Cannonball festival the following weekend at nearby Thredbo, this round was a [...]

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Muddy with his eyes on the podium. A new bike not slowing him down as he got up to speed quickly!

National Round 2 a�� Thredbo a�� Race Day

Not often does downhill go to script but to be fair Thredbo over the weekend pretty much played out perfectly in the hands of the favourites across all categories! We are getting ahead of ourselves a little, first off riders awoke to another delightful delay in the Australian Alps! Breakfast for energy and then a [...]

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Dean Lucas blurring past!

National Round 2 – Thredbo – Practice

National round 2 is upon us and we are back at one of Australia’s most iconic downhill venues, Thredbo! There have been a raft of changes lately to help keep things interesting so the riders are all enjoying the variety and having to learn new sections. We have an assortment of images for you from [...]

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If you have a crystal ball you probably already know who is going to win, for the rest of us we will just have to wait until finals!

Australian National Series – Day 2 Seeding – Eagle

Back to Eagle today for practice and seeding, albeit in much cooler conditions! Riders were coming to grips with the tough conditions, we saw a few crashes but nothing too major. Looking at the qualifying results revealed Andrew Crimmins had a solid gap in front of his closest competitor, some 4.57 seconds Matthew McCorkell. Andrew [...]

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Round 1 Australian National Series – Thredbo Seeding

Graves, Brosnan and Cory have streaked ahead of the pack in seeding for the first Australian National Series raceA�of the new 2011/12A�season. After a morning practice that saw multiple crashes, seeding started late in the afternoon with rain clouds lurking. For most riders, today’s practice was to consolidate everything practiced over the past few days. [...]

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